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Os-Cal® can help reduce the risk of hip fracture by 29%.#

#When used as directed. Based on a clinical trial conducted by NIH in postmenopausal women over the age of 50.

Among leading calcium supplements, Os-Cal®

  • Demonstrated effective in a clinical trial
  • Has Vitamin D3, the doctor recommended form of Vitamin D

Calcium + D3

Os-Cal® Calcium +D3 has the benefit of (200 IU) Vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb calcium.*
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Os-Cal® Extra D3
Smooth, coated caplet with extra (600 IU) Vitamin D3 designed to help with efficient calcium absorption.*
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Os-Cal® Chewable
Sugar-free, quick-dissolving, chewable tablets that feel like they melt in your mouth. With extra (600IU) Vitamin D3 to help optimize calcium absorption.*
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Os-Cal® Ultra
Os-Cal® Ultra combines 600 mg of Os-Cal® calcium, Vitamin D3 (500IU), magnesium and six other essential bone health nutrients. *
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