Os-Cal® Extra D3

Vitamin D is essential for optimal calcium absorption.*
Without Vitamin D, bones can become thin and brittle.*
It can be difficult to obtain enough Vitamin D from natural food sources and sunlight.

Who Needs Extra Vitamin D?

According to the National Institute of Health, individuals at increased risk of Vitamin D deficiency are:

• Adults (50 years and over)
• African Americans and others with darker skin
• Those with limited exposure to the sun
• Those consistently wearing sunscreen SPF 8 or greater

The Os-Cal® brand offers choices that have 600 IU of Vitamin D in each dose. The extra vitamin D may promote calcium absorption in a form most convenient for you.*

The calcium in Os-Cal® Extra D3 is calcium carbonate.

Os-Cal® Extra D3 is available in 60 and 120-count bottles.


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