Os-Cal® Testimonials

Os-Cal® supplements can make a difference

"My doctor recommended Os-Cal® Calcium + D3 years ago. I take it in the morning and evening. I believe it has helped, since my bone density test showed normal."*
D.D., New York, NY

"After my thyroid operation two years ago, my doctor put me on Os-Cal®. Even though I have osteoporosis, I'm very active. I bowl once a week and do all my own housework."*
G.C., Fall River, MA

"I take two Os-Cal® Calcium + D3 a day. I am 80, and have been taking Os-Cal® for some time. My bone density is good, the doctor says. Thank you for Os-Cal®."*
R.S., Amboy, IN

"I just passed my bone density test with flying colors. Os-Cal® has been a part of my daily routine for more than three years."*
B.E.F., Wilson, NC

"Os-Cal® has been a part of my daily routine for 30 years. I began taking it in my 40s. I feel so strongly about the benefits of Os-Cal® that each year we give it to our daughter (in her 40s) with her birthday gift. We want her to form the Os-Cal® habit, too."*
M.G., Mason, MI

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